IMEX provides exhaustive configuration tools for quick and easy system administration.

settings administration

Functional Highlights

  • User Management
    • Activate and deactivate users
    • Group users under logical groups
    • Open or restrict access to system modules for users or groups of users
    • Password management with configuration of expiry periods
    • Archiving inactive users
    • Advanced search and filter tools to generate various reports
  • Dictionary Editor
    • Dictionary items can be added or edited which are used by one or more system modules (e.g. List of countries, List of cities, List of genders, List of currencies, etc.)
    • Dictionaries added through Form Builder are editable in this section
  • Calendar Editor
    • Configuring working days and week end days and exceptions thereto
    • Configuring national holidays for a selected year
    • Taking into account non-working days in various functions such as premium payment plan, payroll, etc.
  • Counter Manager
    • Setup counters for various purposes whenever automatic numbering of documents is required with certain format and logic (e.g. policy numbering: MT{counter}, invoice numbering: INV2012/{counter}, etc.)
    • Use for format validation for manual entry mode
    • Edit existing counters
  • Multilanguage support
    • Easy switch between interface languages
    • Easy switch between data input languages
    • Supports left to right (e.g. English, Russian) and right to left language scripts (e.g. Arabic)
  • General Preferences.

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