Service Providers are individuals or commercial entities providing various services to an insurance company, such as Hospitals, Clinics, Car Dealers, Repair Shops and other entities. Service Providers Management module enables automating cooperation with such entities.

service providrers management

Functional Highlights

  • Managing Service Providers (add, edit and remove)
  • Registering and following up received invoices
  • Defining list of services (can be mapped to relevant diagnoses for medical policies)
  • Defining pricelists for each Service Provider
  • Defining diagnosis list (for medical service providers) as per country accepted standards
  • Defining regional plans and schedules of services
  • Defining packaged submission details
  • Defining and managing networks of service providers (e.g. networks of clinics and hospitals), which can be attached to various products
  • Fully integrated with Accounting and Finance, Underwriting, Claims Handling, Adjuster Assignment, Service Provider Office and HR modules.

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