Policy Access Management module provides flexible interface for managing access rights of IMEX users to the system and various activities. This is a key information security function integrated with User Management module.

Functional Highlights

  • Assign general restrictions, applicable to all products (e.g. maximum sum insured, maximum premium amount, territorial restrictions, etc.)
  • Restrictions on actions related to policies (e.g. create new policy draft, accept new policy draft, unaccept policy, accept endorsement, etc.)
  • Restrictions on Claims Handling actions (e.g. create new claim, accept claim, create invoice, authorize invoice, etc.)
  • Restrictions on reinsurance actions (e.g. accept reinsurance, edit reinsurance, Claims Reinsurance, cancel reinsurance, etc.)
  • Restrictions by products
  • Restrictions by lines of business
  • Availability of inheriting set of restrictions from other users
  • Advanced search and filter tools to generate reports on users and assigned access restrictions
  • Fully integrated with HR module.

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