IMEX is a fully integrated all-in-one insurance automation solution which is based on advanced concepts of Business Process Automation.

IMEX centralizes all insurance business processes into one single solution providing comprehensive automation and optimization of the entire work cycle of an insurance company.

The system architecture is based on cutting-edge clustering approaches ensuring high productivity, scalability, redundancy and reliability. It enables automation of each branch office separately as well as the company as a whole and allows for customizations of system settings in sync with business strategies of the insurance company.

The system excludes double data input and distributes entered data across entire system modules securing real-time data sharing. IMEX also supports branching through distributed database system which ensures that each branch can work independently in an offline mode, with the possibility for synchronization with the central database afterwards.

Technical Architecture

IMEX is developed with a thin client technology and does not require any installation of client application. As a web-based solution the system is developed with a user-friendly interactive interface and can be accessed through any Internet browser.

The back-end of the solution is based on Linux operating system, which ensures high level of system reliability and redundancy. It is mainly developed with PHP scripting language, however in order to ensure high computing performance relevant C++ plugins are developed for Apache. IMEX currently supports ORACLE, MySQL and MS-SQL database platforms.

IMEX security is provided at several levels namely Application Security, Database Security, Network Security and Web security. Combination of these security layers provides a comprehensive and robust security solution.

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