IMEX is a Line-of-Business (LOB) agnostic system, designed to support all lines of general insurance with shared common functionality architecture. In addition, it has special features to meet specific needs of each line of general insurance for the best comfort of insurance companies. These features are available for any LOB whenever relevant. Highlights of some selected features are provided below.

Health and Personal Accident Insurance

  • Single, Family and Group policy options
  • Comprehensive management of Service Providers (Hospitals and Clinics)
  • Multiple networks of Service Providers that can be applied to policies
  • Configurable list of medical services for each Service Provider with pricelists
  • List of possible diagnoses linked to possible related services
  • Preauthorization guarantee certificates issued to insured persons for Hospitals and Clinics
  • Per capita and per service claims options
  • Single entry or package loading of rendered services and invoices by Service Providers through Service Provider Office application
  • Automatic matching of claims to the list of services submitted in batch mode
  • Opening new claims based on received batch of services and invoices from Service Providers, in case previous claims are not found
  • Comprehensive tools for data reconciliation between rendered services, invoices and claims
  • Waiting period for Health insurance
  • Insured persons different from beneficiaries (e.g. finance institution) for Personal Accident insurance
  • Temporary suspension and resumption of policies
  • Loss adjuster assignment service

Motor Insurance

  • Single policy and Fleet policy options
  • Combination of different risk categories (TPL, PA, Theft, Fire) into single product
  • Vehicle identification engine, to match and merge vehicle history for future use
  • Preprinted policy form tracker for manual filling-in and issuance by remote agents
  • Service Provider networks (e.g. Auto-dealers and Service garages) with service pricelists
  • Loss adjuster assignment service
  • Multiple beneficiaries in a single claim
  • Claim reopening feature for settling new invoices

Property Insurance

  • Residential and Commercial property insurance
  • Multi-location property policies, enabling loss accumulation by configured locations and various modes of insurance and reinsurance (e.g. Total Sum Insured or Highest Sum Insured)
  • Automatic zone identification and risk accumulation based on geographical distance for catastrophic losses
  • Google map integration with Analytics Dashboard to visualize geographical spread of current and previous policies and claims
  • Property identification engine, to match and merge property history for future use

Marine Insurance

  • Open cover policies enabled through General Contracts option, where all standard terms can be defined and printed
  • Remote submission of shipment declarations in agreed formats
  • Remaining sum insured amount reduced with each shipment
  • Minimum deposit premiums

Travel Insurance

  • Supports tariffication of complex premium calculations based on multiple factors such as country zones, age of travelers, travel duration per trip and total period, purpose of travel, etc.
  • Defining Networks of Service Providers, i.e. foreign assistance companies, administering claims on behalf of the insurance company
  • Remote data synchronization with assistance companies.

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