CRM module empowers IMEX users with efficient and effective tools for customer care and marketing campaigns.

customer relationship management

Functional Highlights

  • Quick access to Customer profile
    • Customer details
    • Customer history in various roles (as policyholder or beneficiary)
    • Blacklisting (from all or selected company products)
    • Involvement in any target group offers
    • List of open opportunities
    • List of open and closed complaints
  • Target Group definitions
    • Flexible model of defining target groups from the existing pool of individual or corporate customers with complex set of variables
    • Defining special offer conditions for target group members
    • Assigning target group members to sales network units of the company by set of selected variables (e.g. such variables as previous successful deal with a customer, spoken languages and geographical distance can be considered for customer allocation among sales network units)
  • Opportunity management
    • Creating and tracking sales leads for facilitating up-sales and cross-sales initiatives
    • Task management with calendar and reminders
  • Customer identification and conflict management
    • Sophisticated matching algorithms for identifying and merging same subjects (individuals and corporates) captured at different points of time or by different users, to combine into a single customer profile for consolidated historic and current position data
    • Data conflict management tools for finding and correcting conflicting data in merged profiles
  • Alerts and Notifications
    • Defining and setting alerts and notifications to customers (e.g. policy expiry notifications, overdue premium alerts, etc.)
    • Automated communications via email and SMS.
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