Analytics Dashboard module provides customizable information dashboards for senior levels of management. Senior management can oversee the major trends and main financial flows of the business by getting instant access to the most critical and relevant information presented by user-friendly graphics and diagrams.

Functional Highlights

  • Graphical presentation of main results of the day (i.e. premiums written, ceded premium, agents’ commissions and claims) by Lines of Business
  • Graphical view of major historical figures by annual, monthly, weekly and daily cuts
  • List of large sum policies issued for the selected period
  • Financial overview showing major financial figures
  • Investment overview showing profit and loss trends from investments
  • Geographical map with illustration of active or closed policies and claims by lines of business, which helps to visually analyze risk and loss accumulation.
  • Fully integrated with Accounting and Finance, Underwriting, Policy Reinsurance, Claims Handling, Claims Reinsurance and Investment Management modules.

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