Agents Management module enables managing activities with agents and brokers. Agents are created and grouped by hierarchies, so that commissions can be defined either for individual agents separately or for groups. Commissions can be defined for two or more levels in the hierarchy structure, so that agents benefit from sales of sub-agents under their hierarchy level.

agents management

Functional Highlights

  • Managing agents and brokers (add, edit and remove)
  • Advanced search and filter tools to find required agents and brokers
  • Exporting the filtered list of agents and brokers
  • Defining incentives and penalties, and interrelated actions (e.g. interrelated commissions)
  • Defining agents’ networks
  • Setting up sales plans/targets and tracking the completion progress (e.g. for extra commissions)
  • Advanced tools for generating reports on agents sales
  • Fully integrated with Accounting and Finance, Underwriting, CRM<, Preprinted Forms and Agent Office modules.

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